What To Do On The Isle Of Luing

There is plenty to do on The Isle Of Luing. The quaint Scottish Island is perfect for hillwalkers and hikers, with much of the island being accessible by foot. Traversing the Isle of Luing on foot is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of the surroundings. Upon doing so, you may encounter some of the islands famous inhabitants; the world renowned Luing cattle.

Those who are fond of adventure and history will be intrigued by a historic site on the Isle of Luing. Located in the north of the island there is an ancient hill fort from the iron age. A ring of stones encircles the fort, marking its location. The fort can be found in Ardinamir, a small settlement on the island.

Explorers of the island may also stuble upon the ruined watermill near Achfolla. This was an old stone water mill and although it is now ruinous, many of its elements can easily be sen. This includes the water wheel which remains and visitors can get right up to see the relic.


Wildlife is abundant on the Isle of Luing with visitors regularly able to see Luing cattle, sheep, dolphins and seals. More obscure wildlife has been seen in recent years in the island, with a basking shark once spotted from the shoreline in Cullipool.